Some of the world’s most iconic buildings depend on ESC’s specialist Satellite and AV services.

 Today, most cellular connections occur indoors, where macro network signals struggle to penetrate - yet only a tiny fraction of commercial spaces offer a dedicated in-building wireless solution to support those connections. The upcoming evolution to 5G will raise the stakes for outstanding connection demand even higher.


For many years, DAS have filled a critical role in providing coverage to indoor and mixed indoor-outdoor locations, but have come with complexity and cost thresholds that have limited DAS to large venues like stadiums and airports. On the enterprise level, DAS has remained out of practical reach for many – until now.


ESC Digital Media’s DAS solution is designed from the ground up, overcoming cost and complexity issues and going beyond using IT structured cabling. We’ve made it easy to get your indoor coverage up and running, quickly and affordably so wireless operators now have a flexible, cost-effective way to extend in-building wireless deployments and enterprise owners can offer powerful indoor wireless coverage without adding a second network – and that means increased employee productivity, customer satisfaction and tenant value.

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