The power of TV over IP to communicate and inform

Distributing TV and AV media across IT networks has become a vital element in the way forward thinking organisations communicate, disseminate information and succeed. By broadcasting live TV, news feeds to distributing video and PowerPoint presentations, our financial, healthcare, education and hospitality sector clients are leading the way when it comes to using the power of TV over IP to communicate key content to their audiences.


With all content managed and distributed centrally, company information can easily be routed and viewed by pre-defined teams in selected departments or office locations, while sensitive data can be restricted to those who are authorised to see it.


IPTV for business leverages your investment in the existing IT infrastructure that’s used for your Internet access and email communication and it doesn’t require a considerable financial outlay. No additional cabling is required, which ensures installation can be completed seamlessly and with no disruption to business activities. IPTV is tailored to your organisation for today and as it evolves in the future.


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